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Who’s your favourite actor?
Rob Scheider.

What’s your all time favourite movie?
White Chic.

Who’s your favourite TV character?
Joshua Lyman.

Dewi, the producer at O Channel once told me that there is something really weird about the ‘so called’ experts that she has had coming on her shows.

“Win, kenapa ya kebanyakan kalian itu ‘bocor’?”

And then she goes on saying something like this, “Kelihatannya ini seperti self defense mechanism, karena kalian keseringan ketemu orang dengan segala macam problemnya, biar otak lo gak ribet, jadi harus dibawa santai ya?”

I didn’t realise that, but now I do. Weird stuff, ey?

Don’t try to please everybody. If you try to do that you’ll end up pleasing no one including yourself.”

Leo McGarry
former White House Chief of Staff
Another favourite character from the episodes of West Wing

Finance Should Be Practical!

Ligwina Hananto


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