The Debt VS Diet Challenge

Battling the habit! Start in the morning…

This section is dedicated for those who are determined to shape down their debt!

The program is simple, you shape down your debt and in return I’ll go on a healthy diet program. GOOD LUCK!

Having an uncontrollable debt starts with a bad money habit.

What’s your bad habit?

Go through your daily activities and jot down how much money you spend each day.

You’ll be surprise at how much you actually spend.

How much do spend on the way to the office?

How much do you spend on food while in the office?

How much do you spend on those fun bazaars?

Let’s start our morning with : boring budgeting.

Write down how much you have for the day, how much you can spend for the day. And stick to it!

You will say, it’s part of your habit. So it’s very difficult to change it.

Well… we are with the DEBT vs DIET CHALLENGE!

Lower your debt and I’ll go on a healthy diet.

What’s my daily diet?

Come to think of it, it’s actually spooky enough to make me want to change my lifestyle.

I usually woke up with a cup of instant coffee.

Put on my lousiest jilbab, sandal jepit and like a zombie I’d drive my son to school.

Back home, I’d drop on the sofa, flipped the channels and just be lazy. Played with my daughter, asked Mbak Sumi to cook my instant noodle, be lazy again.

Off to the shower and drove my daughter to school.

 Back home, I would open my laptop and the excuse would be ‘I need to wind down’ so I’d play the computer game in front of TV.

I dare you to change your morning habit! I dare myself to change my morning habit!

So theoretically, I now have my very own fitness schedule.

Mondays for treadmill, Tuesdays for Pilates, and Wednesdays for yoga. With my very ‘tight’ schedule, I can only go to the gym between 7-8, the time after I drop my son, before I have to drive my daughter to school.

More excuses… I have Thursdays for Hard Rock FM, I’m too tired to move on Fridays.

I haven’t actually managed to follow this rigid schedule.

But I promised you that if I’m not at the gym in the mornings, I would be walking my daughter to the park, washing the car, cleaning my bathroom, going through piles of clutter in my bedroom, any kinds of ‘sporty’ activities.

If I’m up for a change, will you do the same with your debt?

Are you in so much debt that you just feel so sick of it?

Do you want to change this condition? Come join our DEBT VS DIET CHALLENGE!

Kirimkan email ke : dengan data-data utang seperti :

  • Besarnya saldo utang (kartu kredit, kredit yang tidak menggunakan kolateral, kredit
  • Besarnya cicilan utang per bulan
  • Besarnya gaji per bulan
  • Kegunaan kredit (untuk belanja makanan, entertainment, elektronik, mobil, rumah, bayar
    utang lagi, dll)

PS : My healthy food catering come in yesterday. It was purple spaghetti! Scary stuff. But it turned out to be very nice and I enjoyed it.

Finance Should be Practical!

Ligwina Hananto


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