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What Every Parent Wants : Education Fund for Your Child…

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Now it’s Dipo’s turn to have his education planned starting from now.


Level Periode Tahun Sekolah Uang Muka (Rp) Smt/Thnan SPP Bulanan (Rp) Total Biaya (Rp)
Preschool 2 2008 Preschool 650,000 250,000 6,650,000
PG 1 2010 Preschool 650,000 7,800,000
TK 2 2011 Swasta 5,000,000 5,000,000
SD 6 2013 Swasta 5,000,000 5,000,000
SMP 3 2019 Swasta 4,000,000 4,000,000
SMA 3 2022 Swasta 6,000,000 6,000,000
S1 4 2025 Swasta 250,000,000 250,000,000

Talk to your partner about where you want to put your children through school. It doesn’t have to be exact. At least you get it prepared in advance. You can always revise your plan along the way.

Ehem, it’s wise to plan for 2 children. Calculating edu fund for Dipo gave all of us in the studio a big headache… yet my husband still asks for another baby… (yeee curhat dadakan lagi hehehehe)

In this case, we use Pre-school from similar schools like Tumble Tots, Gymbore and the likes. Cost of education at TK – SMA is taken from a study published by Majalah Investor. They used average cost for private schools in Jakarta. National Plus and International schools will cost more. Cost for S1 program is a package from “jalur mandiri” FK-UI.

Monthly SPP for TK – SMA is ignored with the assumption that the parents is expecting to get salary increment at the same amount of the monthly fee.

The assumptions we use are as follows :

Inflasi biaya pendidikan Preschool – SMA swasta di Indonesia = 20% per tahun

Inflasi biaya pendidikan S1 di Indonesia = 15% per tahun

Inflasi biaya pendidikan S1 di luar negeri = 10% per tahun

Now think about the inflation rate…


Level Waktu Biaya Nanti (Rp) Investasi Bulanan (Rp) Asumsi rata-rata target hasil investasi Investasi saat ini, lumpsum (Rp)
Preschool 1 7,980,000 643,933 7% 7,457,944
PG 3 13,478,400 337,550 7% 11,002,389
TK 4 10,368,000 187,795 7% 7,909,698
SD 6 14,929,920 152,173 10% 8,427,551
SMP 12 35,664,402 40,215 25% 2,450,839
SMA 15 92,442,129 48,251 25% 3,252,518
S1 18 3,093,863,401 758,746 25% 55,734,088
3,268,726,253 2,168,663 96,235,027

The above is just illustration of what you can do should you invest your money. Note the wording : ASUMSI RATA-RATA TARGET HASIL INVESTASI.

Artinya :

Jika kita berinvestasi setiap bulan selama 3 tahun terus menerus, dan rata-rata selama 3 tahun hasil investasi tersebut adalah 7% per tahun, maka kita perlu berinvestasi sebesar Rp 187,795 / bulan.

You’ll be asking… what kind of products can offer 7%, 10% and 25% return per year?

Nothing is for sure! We never ever ever ever guarantee return!

These are the assumptions (again, nothing is for sure) for returns of Reksadana.

  • Reksadana Pasar Uang = 7% per tahun (asumsi rata-rata target hasil investasi < 5tahun)
  • Reksadana Pendapatan Tetap = 10% per tahun (asumsi rata-rata target hasil investasi 5-10tahun)
  • Reksadana Campuran = 20% per tahun (asumsi rata-rata target hasil investasi >10tahun)
  • Reksadana Saham = 25% per tahun (asumsi rata-rata target hasil investasi > 10tahun)

Asumsi di atas dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu sesuai kondisi terkini.

Setiap institusi keuangan dapat menggunakan asumsinya masing-masing.

Whatever you choose to do, USE YOUR BRAINCELLS, know the consequences of your choices… and when you decide to invest your money… please please please consider the risk. Are you ready to take the risk? Find out more about your risk profile.

Sorry, no excel file to download this time Tongue out

You can always call our office at 5290 4041 / 990 904040 and get more information on how we do planning for our clients Smile (yeee jualan kitaa hehehe)


Finance Should Be Practical!

Ligwina Hananto


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