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Back to Work: My Book is Coming Up!

Sekar texted me this morning… and asked how I’m doing…. Ofcourse si jeung ini mau ngasih kerjaan hehehe…


I’m still slowly waking up from the bliss of holiday. It’s the first week of school so I’m busy with the kids. I drive them to and from school. I have to go back for different sizes of their uniforms (Azra and Dena grow so quickly!).

Funny how you realize you’re dragging yourself back to reality. I enjoyed our holiday. Away from work, away from home, even away from our kids. My first work this week was with an article for Kontan tabloid. It’s due today and you’ll read how I’m still on holiday from the article Smile

The next bit is more exciting. My editor and my illustrator texted me last night. The book is almost ready! This week will start slow for me. But at least 6 meetings are already scheduled. There’ll be meetings with the book distributors, the editor and the illustrator are working with their final final editing, the cover is approved, comments are in… more to come. We’re working on the marketing plan too… QM Publishing will be the publisher… (surprise?)

You’ll be the first to know! We’re aiming for August 3rd to launch the book.


~ lig ~


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