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The book is finally ready. I started writing it a little over a year ago. It took our heart and soul poured into the book at such along period of time just to make sure you’ll enjoy it Wink

Mbak Rani is my editor. My new super hero. Biar kecil tapi dia lebih cabe rawit dari gue… kesalahan koma aja keliatan sama si ibu satu ini. Sunee is my illustrator. San san sumpah deh gue nggak ngerti cara otak lo bekerja sampai bisa bikin design gila seperti itu!!! The three of us are officially geeky Smile hehehe
I know I couldn’t do this without their help.

Also please welcome a new member of Quantum Magna Group : QM Publishing. We’ll start with this book and I hope there’ll be many more to come…

If you want to PRE ORDER the book, it’s called :

PLAN NOW! Lima Tahap Terencana Mencapai Kebebasan Finansial
1. Rencana Memulai Segalanya.

This is the first of 5 books. The price is Rp 30.000 ,- (including delivery cost). All books ordered directly from QM will have personal autograph and we’re now in the process of trying to throw more gimmicks for you guys.

Please call Aay at 5290 4041, SMS 021 990 90440 or email:
It will be ready on 8th September 2007 and we’ll send it to you.

Theres is one catch. In this book you’ll find that I do write in perfect Bahasa Indonesia!!!

Gaya banget deh. I’m so proud of this achievement. ampun deh nyerah gue disuruh nulis rapi-rapi dan sopan-sopan, editornya detail banget lagi! I have Mbak Rani to thank for this hehehe… Smile

Oiya nanti kalo udah terima bukunya, liat cover nya ya… gue banget!

Hahahah well by now you should’ve known that my ego is the size of the universe (as quoted from Ndari our webmaster) Tongue out



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