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SiCKO by Michael Moore

We finally got to watch SiCKO – a new documentary by Michael Moore. I admit the guy is gelomania. Mr Drama himself.

He is so annoying! But his documentary has certain attraction that kept us watching…

I don’t like the part where he dramatized America. But I love it that he actually went to Canada, UK, France & Cuba (Yes he went to Cuba!) to look at their universal healthcare system. (Before the end of the film I was already texting Adi Warsono – our dear friend, agent for an international health insurance, who is probably glad that his company is not American hehehehe)

If you have the chance, go get a copy of SiCKO.

This one is about America’s health care system. Not that we have anything better over here. But I think we have to give credits to the ‘old order’ for having Puskesmas available in most towns of this country. No superb service ofcourse, but I remember getting help from a Puskesmas in Bandung for non life threatening illness. At least those PiN gave us hope. Pekan Imunisasi Nasional – in case you are not aware of, as a mum ofcourse I’m extremely exposed to all sorts of imunisation. If anything, I have faith in the hearts of our doctors… they wont have to answer to such horrible ‘capitalistic’ system that is the American health care system. Doctors are required 10% denial rate? Scary indeed…

I do believe in universal healthcare…

I do believe that it shouldn’t be 100% free… somebody has to pay for it, paying creates the ‘burden’ of responsibility – which is a good thing. But healthcare should be available as wide as possible in our society.

I think standard healthcare should be available period. Regardless whether you have a job, you’re a single mom, you’re unemployed, or you’re begging down the street. You should have access to standard healthcare.

If there are people who can afford more… and want better services than they should be able to choose for better premium for better insurance. This way you actually get to help those who cannot pay for any premium at all…

There is just one problem… to ensure this kind of system operates in our country… we need our tax money… hiks… hiks…

You know what I’m talking about? Leaks after leaks after leaks…
How are we going to make universal healthcare available?
First we need to fix our tax distribution system… for this one, I don’t know where to start…

Mengutip kata-kata Bu Menteri Kesehatan :
”Sebelum bisa berangkat sekolah, sebelum bisa berangkat bekerja, masyarakat harus sehat dulu…”

We need a good healthcare system… it will determine whether we become a better society or not… it will definitely stabilize the financial conditions of many people…

If this is not a concern to you… look at your parents and think of how much they have to face with the current healthcare system, when nothing is supporting them… the burden will be on your shoulders. For you, the burden will be on your pension years and your children.

Berat euy…



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