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New Theme for the New Year

It’s the first day of the year…
How very exciting!

I’m off to Senayan City. Liputan6 Siang has their LIVE coverage there, I have a 5 minute segment with them.

Here’s a thought…
What are you going to do better this year?

I spent a full day meeting yesterday with my partners deciding on QM New Products for 2008. What a day it was. We’re tired and excited at the same time. We hope to entertain more people this year. My target is 3 x the size it is this year… which we proudly achieved before December 2007 Smile.

For 2006 we’ve been working on gaining awareness. In 2007, we want people to get into action. So the message was simple : Finance Should be Practical!

For 2008, our big message this year is :


I’ve had enough of people coming up to me and say : I don’t make enough money. Hey, it’s never enough anyway so what kind of complaint is that?

I’d like to see people take charge.
I’d like people to STOP saying they are victims of price increase, victims of market slope, victims of low income, victims of insurance, victims of credit cards, victim of bogus investments.

Your money, your life, your responsibility.

Let’s do this… and do this properly.


~ lig ~


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