Family Holiday

Mana yang Lebih Murah : Taxi, Andong atau Becak?

We’ve just returned from our family holiday in Central Java. We flew into Semarang on Thursday and met my parents in law there. We then traveled through Ambarawa, Losari Coffee Plantation, Yogyakarta and finally to Solo.

We’ve been talking about going for this cultural trip for sometime. So we all looked forward for this trip – especially my father in law.

This is technically our first family holiday for the year. I got some extra cash in Don’s shopping account to fund this trip. Hehehe curang ya Smile

Kira-kira perincian biaya kami keluarga seperti ini :
40% Garuda plane tickets : Jakarta-Semarang, Solo-Jakarta
40% Hotels : Losari Ambarawa & Novotel Solo
20% My go crazy batik shopping

The grandparents happily paid for the food and local transport during the 4 day trip. My disclaimer, all the batiks are not for myself, some for Don and the kids, most are oleh-oleh for friends at the office (alessaaaaan… hehe)

You should check out the train museum at Ambarawa. It’s a sad dirty place but we all loved it! Azra is especially in heaven since he is Thomas The Tank Engine’s #1 fan!

This is the view when we rode on the train.


I got my dream back on track at Losari. I’ll tell you all about it in a separate blog.

Dena got to act as a Javanese princess when we visited one of the Kratons in Solo. Yangni’s cousin got our kids into traditional costumes which she loved.


Don got the final laugh.

After all the shopping and all the culinary adventures (Azra kept asking why we ate at ‘pinggir jalan’ all the time, hahaha rasakan kamu Az!), all the kids wanted were :

  • Swim with Ayah
  • Ride Becak with Ayah
  • Ride Andong with Ayah

Gue gak laku deh Smile
So we did on the last day.

“Pinten Pak?” asked Don politely to the Andong driver. In Kromo Inggil, the old Andong driver replied, “whatever you wish to pay me”.

Hari gini, masih ada orang yang mau dibayar ‘whatever’??? My Mr. Creditman was puzzled and could not believe his ears.

Oh by the way, the Taxi had the cheapest fare Smile

I’m now busy calculating how much to prepare for our next family holiday in June. Kayaknya masih kurang untuk shoppingnya.

~ lig ~


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