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Which One Do You Want? Corporate Career or Entrepreneurship?

A long time ago…
I was in 2nd year of SMA Negeri 2 Bandung.
We were preparing for “From 2 with Love” – an annual art & cabaret event started by the Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari.

The school journalist interviewed me. I was head of the Fund Raising Committee… typical Ligwina Smile

I remember replying :

“Dulu saya maunya jadi arsitek atau guru. Tapi sekarang, saya mau jadi business woman yang ngurusin duit orang.”

Alhamdulillah tercapai lho. All my high school friends are laughing when they see me. I was always the class treasurer, or any other form of working with money. And now literally : a business woman who takes care of other people’s money!

Am I proud of what I do today? Of course.

Was it an achievement? In my book, YES.

But here’s the thing. I hate it when people praise on entrepreneurship and put down people who choose corporate career. When you have your little shop at the street corner, you are not a better person than the other guy who goes to work in a company everyday! What’s up with that?

I have met people from all sorts of profession. You can make a lot of money working in large corporations, working as a self employed person or creating your own businesses. As a financial planner, it doesn’t matter what your job is, or how much money you make. What matter is how much you can reinvest Smile

Rene Suhardono will be proud of me. I want everyone to be the rockstars in their field of work.

You can be a staff today, and project yourself as the director of the company one day.
You can start a tiny weeny little business today, and launch your 50th branch one day.
You can be a self employed making only for your own family today, and work with a bunch of people behind you one day.

For this spirit, Rene has agreed to share some of his tips in the expert section – I’ll put them up on Friday.

Read on and discover.

You don’t have to start a business to make a lot of money. At the same time, you cannot just be a staff in a company and hope to make a lot of money.
You can do really really well in your career and make more money.
You can do really really well in your business and make more money.

Even better, why not do both?

While I run this start up company, Don is working his way up the corporate ladder. We both love our conflicting jobs. I try to heal people from their debts while Don happily makes people go into debts Smile

Don calls my business “his short cut to early retirement”.
I call Don “my active asset in the form of MAS – mas mas transfer dong”.

Whichever works for you – I support Rene when he urges everyone to look for their PASSION. Go for it. Make it happen!

You ARE Responsible for Your Own Finances!

Ligwina Hananto


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