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Tujuan LO Apa?

Ade “The Producer” of Good Morning Hard Rockers Show, once jokingly asked me the question, “Wina, lo nanyain Tujuan Lo Apa sama anak-anak lo gak?”

I said to him, ofcourse!

The others burst into laughters.

So I did Smile hehe… here’s a fun story to pass on to your kids.

My kids received their Lebaran angpao last year. A huge amount for their age. Rp 400,000 each! I don’t remember ever receiving that amount at my age, even after inflation, it’s still huge for a 5 year old and 2 year old kids.

Instead of taking all Rp 400,000 x 2 away from their hands – as any mothers would do, I sat down with them and showed them the money. My son was so excited, while the little girl with her round eyes asked me, “Bisa beli-beli?”

We wanted our kids to understand that money doesn’t come easy. So… the philosophy ‘tujuan lo apa’ was established as early as possible. I want my kids to understand that money is a tool, they shouldn’t worship it, and it’s something that should be beneficial for their lives. Of course he can enjoy his money to buy anything he wants, but he needs to think of other needs in the future.

Azra : “Jadi berapa uang nya yang boleh buat beli Power Ranger?”

Wina : “Satu lembar ini lima puluh ribu. Mas Azra boleh pake empat lembar, sisanya kita tabung ya supaya Mas bisa beli lagi tahun depan.”

Dena : “Kita planning ya Mama?”

Lucu ya, si kecil mulai mengerti pekerjaan ibunya.

The trip to the department store turned out to be an experience we would never forget. Azra walked around the piles of Power Ranger action figures, trying to match the price tag with his definition of under Rp 200,000. Dena was too little to comprehend what’s going on, but she got her first Barbie doll and was happily trying to take the clothes off the poor little blond doll.

I know Rp 200,000 / child seems expensive for toys budget. We let them have it only because it was the first time my children bought something with their own money. And NO, as you can imagine my kids are not the type who get whatever they want. When we visit toys stores, they understand the activity is actually : looking at the toys and not buying them. They never go into tantrum and cried at the toys stores.

My mission was accomplished. The children were happy. My husband was happy too because he actually didn’t have to pay for the toys hahaha…

What happen with the other Rp 200,000? You’ll have to see it in the next article…

Finance Should Be Practical!

Ligwina Hananto

~ * * * ~


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