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…You Have 2 Options: Grow or Die!

Do you remember the phrase ‘economy of scale’? Back in my good old days as a Curtin student, I cant have enough of my microeconomics lecturer talking about how a company can profit from economy of scale.

I didn’t pay attention, I was usually busy trying to wake darling boyfriend next to me, who dozed off very easily in any lectures.

I’m now working on how to capitalize on this theory of ‘economy of scale’. In a high involvement service oriented business like mine, this is good fun, stressful sometimes but the job is never boring.

So anyway, my sophisticated investor / entrepreneur / head hunter / career coach / dear friend of mine Rene Canoneo came up to me a few months ago and gave me the most hideous advise.

“Wina, when you run a business you’ll find a point where you have two options : Grow or Die!”

Again, I didn’t pay attention. I was busy with a beautiful chocolate cake in front of me.
Honestly I was pissed. Sialan gue dikasih pilihan gak enak banget.
Rene and I are probably hated by a lot of people for… telling… the truth. So even though I was disturbed by his no nonsense advise, I was moved at the same time.

I believe, my gorgeous little company QM Financial is in the brink of those two options. My partners and I are working really hard to ensure we go for the first one. I keep telling myself that expansion is my only option and that is exactly what we are working on.

Thank God, having banking and media advertising as my work experience help a lot. I know how to create business plan and how to initiate implementation. Our plans for 2007 and 2008 are looking very bright. I’m ready to take on the challenge.

This is probably the reason why I’m holding so many internal meetings on planning, on client relations and on HR matters. There is nothing more important than to ensure that everyone on board are as ready as I am to grow the company.

So… how’s your business doing?
Have you reached that point of no return?

I feel like crying right now. My secretary keeps coming at my door with more work to do. I don’t know where to start. I suppose this is where adrenalin is very helpful ☺ hahahah…

Keep it up guys… I’m just starting the ride…

Ligwina Hananto


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