The Debt VS Diet Challenge

It’s so easy to slip into the same mistake…

I’ve been a really bad girl.
I lost 2 kg in the first month of our Debt Vs Diet Challenge. I was so proud of myself and thought… I’ll reward myself…

so I did and got carried away.
So now… I gained back that 2 kg Smile hehehehe…

It’s so easy to slip into the same mistake.. again and again and again…
Nyebelin emang… tapi sh*t happens…

I gained 12 kg when I had Azra, over the course of 9 months pregnancy. I lost it within a year. With Dena it was 14 kg, I also lost it within a year. My latest baby, QM Financial cost me 10 kg in 2 months! Gelo ya? I know you don’t get this. How can somebody with a personality as huge as I am be so insecure with my body weight?

My CROs Ratna & Fitri tease me all the time. They are not anything near skinny, so they make perfect companions for me. But they tease me that I feel like this because I knew what it felt like to be skinny and fit.

Here’s what happened. My lifestyle changed completely since I started to work full time for QM Financial. Before that, I work part time, as a lecturer at IPMI Business School or as Client Relations Director at QM Financial. Between that, I got to hang out with my kids a lot. I went to the park 4 times a day, drove them to school and exculs, fed them, bathed them. My body didn’t stop moving day in day out.

Within the first two months as Chief Executive Officer of QM Financial, my work load suddenly shifted. We met our clients – at that time we didn’t have our tiny office – at the cafes, at the malls, sipping green tea frappucinno or caramel macchiato 4 x a day, instead of running around the park 4 x a day. Today, my activities don’t improve much. I drove 1 hour to the office, sat there all day long. So imagine that…

Apparently my mistake is to go into food bingeing whenever I’m stressed out.

This similar pattern can be found with those who are shopacholic. You’d go into money splurge every now and then, thinking that you’ll be happier. So your credit card debt is sometimes high, sometimes low, depending on your stress level.

I make the same mistake of getting into food bingeing again and again. It’s been difficult to eliminate the habit. I’ll forever keep saying that.. just as any card-shopping-addict would say about their shopping habit.

So enough is enough.

I know it’s hard. But we can do this. Let’s keep ourselves back on track. Back on the DEBT VS DIET CHALLENGE.

I found my new thing at the gym. Usually I only stayed there for 30 minutes tops. It’s too boring for me… I cant get the hang of it. But lately, I found that if it’s CSI : NY on the screen (even when I forgot my earphone!), I managed to stay on longer. Another trick is to switch machine every 30 minutes. First it was the bike, the cross training, the rowing machine, back to the bike, taraaaa…. 2 hours and 250 calories off.

Ok now, I’m off to the gym before I go to the office.

I have a very long day today. A training session for a foreign bank and a prospective client wants to meet me at 7pm. But I still have to work on an article for another foreign bank, due tomorrow. And I have to finish up my book’s final cut, due last Monday! I have to do some follow ups for this months’ sales target. I have to finish writing up 3 final plans, work on my students project due tomorrow, write more blogs… you see why I got stressed out and want to dive on a chocolate chip ice cream?

Nah, that’s just another excuse Smile

Are you in so much debt that you just feel so sick of it?
Do you want to change this condition? Come join our DEBT VS DIET CHALLENGE!

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