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Jadi… Liburan ke Mana?

Our polling will change the topic to “Ke Mana Anda Berencana Untuk Liburan?” starting the 1st of July. Make sure you vote so we’ll see for sure if Bandung or Singapore wins Smile

For now… I have a little something to ponder on…

This is a list of things we should be doing for Dana Liburan


Just need a break after the auditors from Hong Kong tortured you for 2 weeks? Or you just want to walk away from bustling Jakarta? Or you want to romance your lover?
Ask yourself : what’s the purpose of this trip? Knowing the goal of the trip will let you know how much money you need to spend for the trip.

  • Mau liburan dengan anak-anak? Artinya destination = fun & play, no romantic cruise along the Chao Praya river Tongue out (curhat dadakan banget deh ahahah)
  • Mau pacaran jilid 2? Artinya ngobrol dong sama pasangan, ”Liburan yang roman yeyey ke mana ya sayang?” (istilah nyokap gue kalo dia jijay liat gue & suami ber-roman yeyey)
  • Mau family gathering?


I hate budgeting… heran deh planner kok sebel sama budgeting. It basically limits yourself from doing things you want Tongue out but this is IMPORTANT! So YOU’D BETTER DO THIS!

How much do you budget for the trip?

  • Transportation
    Tickets to Singapore for the 4 of us will cost us Rp 10 million. But the bus to Tegal will cost all 25 of us Rp 5 million.
  • Accommodation
    When it’s the family trip to Singapore, we just look for a hotel smack in the middle of Orchard Road. Trust me you don’t want to travel too much when you have 2 kids under the age of 5. While the Bangkok getaway for 2, hotel by the river seems pretty romantic. If it’s Bali, then you’ll probably stay at the Hard Rock Hotel with the kids, and go to Four Season just with your lover.
  • Meals
    Kids are expensive. I go to ice cream parlor with comfy seats so my daughter can jump up and down and smear her chocolate ice cream all over the place. Travelling for two, we can do whatever, eat at the street stalls or go the fanciest restaurant in town.
  • Recreations
    I think the Singapore Zoo trip that Pandji laughs about all the time, is proof at the difference you can get when you travel with kids. I hope he gets is when Dipo is 5 year old Smile
  • Shopping
    Enough said, you have your own shopping standard



  • We usually surf the internet for the best prices and then we talk to our travel agents. Find out which price is better for all the item listed above.
  • Have someone in charge to do this little survey. The Don is usually in charge for this. He loves this part cause it makes him feel like he’s the boss hehehehe… I usually do point no. 4.. so read on Smile Don decides the ‘tujuan lo apa’ and when. For example July trip is our trip. The family trip will be at end of year. He also decides where we go. Melbourne, our best friend lives in Melbourne so it’d be really nice if we get to visit them with their newborn baby.
  • For the Tegal trip this year, person in charge in my family is Ceuceu Tian – my eldest cousin. We’ll be hearing from her how much it will cost everyone to visit our ancestor’s land… (Jangan tanya kenapa mudik ke Tegal kok dipanggil Ceuceu ya Smile)



  • Funny thing is, I’m in charge for the funding. For sometime now I have set up the fund enough to take us to… Singapore… or Malaysia… So… Melbourne is really way out of our league. Don is the toughest negotiator I’ve known in my life, but we finally settled on Hong Kong. I had to switch some ‘Bandung trip’ and shopping funds to make sure we have enough to travel without killing our financial plan.
  • Sometimes… you just have to adjust, and lower down some of your budgets. For example… you cannot afford Four Seasons Bali, find a lower room rate or lower class hotel. Don’t be offended, but be proud at what you can afford. If people talks about is, all you have to do is tell yourself… “Biarin, tapi kan gue gak liburan pake ngutang!” Trust me, I’ve met so many people spending so much on their holidays and are probably still paying for it for the next two years.
  • If you don’t want to lower your budget, well then… GO LOOK FOR MORE MONEY! Please don’t borrow money for your holiday. You’re suppose to relax and have fun. It just beats the purpose if you have to PAY for it AFTER you enjoy it…




USD 1 = Rp 9,000
SGD 1 = Rp 7,000

1. Transportasi Tiket pp 2 dewasa 2 anak 4,050,000 paket = travel agent 4,500,000 3,050,000
2. Akomodasi Hotel twin beds 5 hari 3,500,000
3. Makanan SGD 200/day 7,000,000 sama dengan budget 7,000,000
4. Rekreasi Zoo, Science Center, MRT 3,500,000 sama dengan budget 3,500,000
5. Shopping USD 200/day 7,000,000 50% budget 3,500,000 3,500,000
TOTAL 25,050,000 TOTAL 18,500,000 hemat 6 jutaan

You can download this file here and enjoy your holiday too…

Finance Should be Practical!

Ligwina Hananto


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