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This is : The Magical Shopping Account!

Imagine how much fun you can have with shopping, when YOU HAVE THE MONEY!

Let me tell you a little secret. I have what I call : The Magical Shopping Account.

Ide awal nya juga dari seorang klien cewek yang pengen mulai investasi tapi gak mau hobi belanjanya terganggu. So… we created this shopping account for her.

It’s a simple savings account. Harus likuid dan boleh diambil kapan saja.

Magical… karena saldonya gak pernah 0. All you have to do is create ’automatic transfer’ from your main ’salary’ account to this shopping account.

Syaratnya sederhana :

  1. Transfer yang dilakukan ke rekening shopping HARUS LEBIH KECIL daripada transfer yang dilakukan ke rekening Dana Darurat. Prioritas utama tetap harus ada pada Dana Darurat.
  2. Utang kartu kredit harus LUNAS dulu. Percuma aja punya rekening shopping kalau utang kartu kredit masih segunung!

Magical… karena seorang financial planner manapun gak punya hak untuk melarang belanja dengan dana yang ada di rekening shopping.

Seru kan?

So unlike other planners, I do recommend people to have more than 1 savings account. However, you need to comply with the ‘tujuanloapa’ philosophy. Each account must have a purpose. I have many accounts.

  1. Our main account – my husband recently moved to a different bank, so we are considering to move this main account to his new salary account. However, this account has very good internet banking feature and standing instruction for auto transfer for our debt payments, card payment, and many more. We haven’t decided.
  2. Our holiday account – same bank as the main account. This way we can access it easily when we convert money to US$, HK$, SG$ or whatever. At the moment, this is = 0 Smile but we do plan for Bali at end of year, so we’ll have to do something about it.
  3. Our payment & shopping account – I need this to pay our credit card, so it also works double as our shopping account. If I want to use my credit card to buy that lovely red dress that will match nicely with my newly purchased red bag, I need to check if I have the money to pay the card bill in this account.
  4. Our monthly expenses and kids’ education account – most of our kids’ education funds is located in Reksadana, especially for the long run. But we do have kids’ education expenses that have to be paid within the year (SPP, les, ekskul, seragam, dll). There is a drivethrough ATM at Cibubur so it’s easy for me to get money.
  5. Our investment account – we regularly transfer money from the main account to this account, and then we purchase Reksadana from this account. So our Dana Darurat is in this account as well.
  6. My husband’s new salary account – this is new. We haven’t thought of what to do with this account other than its purpose of receiving his salary. Maybe, we’ll use this as our STAGE3 account. This account should keep money that will be reinvested for our next business, property or stock ventures. Perhaps 2007 is for business, 2008 for property and 2009 for stock? Don’t know yet Smile

How about all the fees from having so many accounts?

7ribu x 6 rekening = 42ribu? That’s nothing compare to the discipline you gain and the money you save for not paying your credit card debt!

Think of it like this. Your saving account is not a place to gain money nor investment purposes. This is a tool simply to collect money. If you have to pay mere Rp 7 thousand per account, so be it.

How about you? Do you know what to do with your money?

Get a financial planner’s opinion by calling QM Financial at 5290 4041 / 990 90440. Start your financial plan now!

Finance Should Be Practical!

Ligwina Hananto


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