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Our daughter’s 3rd Birthday

We spent an entire weekend preparing for Dena’s 3rd Birthday.
She was very specific.

She wanted a birthday cake with pictures of all the Disney princesses. At least her favourite 4 : Cinderella, Aurora, Belle & Snow White.

“Miranda kan udah ulang tahun. Dena juga mau ulang tahun di sekolah. Kalo Ahmed berthdey keiknya gambar kars lho…”

We went to ITC Kuningan for the goodie bags, PI Mall for some of the presents, local Holland Bakery for the birthday cake… with a little girl tantrum because their latest collection only have individual princess – not the group photo… duh pusing deh…

For the birthday present, I got her a set of butterfly wings. She wore it to school on her special day. Can you picture a 3 year-old-girl, rambut bop poni, running around flapping her arms with pink butterfly wings on her back Smile ???

Don wanted a pink bike for his little princess so he went on his quest the Sunday morning.

I was away on an assignment – presenting to a group of parents from Al Izhar school. My husband kept texting me – complaining he couldn’t find this pink bike. Finally we met in the afternoon, at Cilandak Town Square.

I found Don sitting by himself… in his weekend outfit (sumpah suami gue keliatan ABG banget kalo lagi weekend Smile )… udah keren-keren gitu… di sebelahnya ada sepeda pink… yang dicita-citakan.

We never thought it would really turn out like this… we’ve been together for 11 years… now in our early thirties… and I’d never thought I’d catch my Don walking through a mall carrying a pink bicycle… with Hello Kitty splattered all over it…. Smile

“You’re officially a Dad!” I said to him as we giggled together walking to the car park. Don smiled proudly… “Can’t wait to see her face…” The whole week, we struggled to hide this bike in Don’s car. Dena kept saying she wanted to go to school in ‘Ayah’s new car’, so we came up with all sorts of reasons that she should go into my car…

Money isn’t everything.
I suppose this is what matters in life…
Being able to make your family happy…
Little things like : the look on your child’s face when she opened her first birthday present of the day…

This is the princess birthday cake we found for Dena:


Azra quickly said “I want YOU to bake my birthday cake in jenyuari…”
Well… I baked this for him last year… so he got his standard really high Smile


There is so much to be thankful for… Of course later that day Don and his little princess strolled around our complex in the new pink bicycle… I can’t show you that picture Smile



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