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A Note From Bali…

We’re having lunch at the LANAI by the legian beach. Dena is dancing to the samba coming out of the speakers. Azra is busily acting as a robot – must be another phase of his imagination as members of power rangers.

Yes, we’re in Bali, taking the much needed break. Don is obviously enjoying spending so much time with the kids. We played at the beach, swam at the private pool till really late, went dolphin sighting, rode the elephants and had so many fancy dinners.

I think I’ve had enough of saying : Stop it! Sit down nicely please! Please finish your meal! Hey no fighting! And ofcourse the ultimate : no no, no NO!

This is the second holiday for the year. Don and I have promised each other that we’ll have 2 holidays a year. Don is as usual in charge for the surveys and all the bookings. I just have to play ‘cute’ and let him think he’s in charge Smile hehehehe… Hey! After all, I’m the one who has to make sure there’s enough money and we don’t go over budget right?

As Don would say…
It feels good to be able to spend your money without feeling guilty. This is liberating…

That’s the beauty of planning.
You are allowed to spend lavishly from time to time. AND you allow yourself to make sure you have the money. Then at the back of your mind, you know, there is still enough money for the rest of the month. Your children’s education fund and even your pension fund are still intact and growing.

Which reminds me, I have to pay for Azra’s Uang Pangkal SD next month! Siap gerak!

I’ll be honest with you…
This time, we went a bit over budget. Bandung is more dangerous than Singapore. Bali is more dangerous than Hong Kong Smile All the fancy restaurants! Have you seen how many of them in Bali? Well last time we were, here was on our honeymoon 7 years ago. So you can imagine how surprise we were to see all the new things in Bali. And you can imagine how much we didn’t have back then, so this time we were really going to places we couldn’t afford 7 years ago. Guilty!

There’s some extra cash in the ‘annual expense’ account that we’ll have to reallocate to pay for our exploding credit card bill next month heheheheh Smile but it won’t kill us, I promise you that.

I had to take Dena to my lap now, she’s crying because she couldn’t get the coasters from Azra’s hands.

“We should do this more often…” Don whispered and wrapped his hands around Dena’s tiny face. And just like that, we’re already planning for next year’s holiday.




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