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Another child’s birthday????

Ario – a very old friend of ours (maksudnya bukan lo tua ya boss hahahah) texted my Don last week…

“Don, gue liat si kue princess di websitenya QM. Dapet dari mana?”

“Haha… Cheap and cheerful man. Just the Holland Bakery at Cibubur.”

Wow we are getting older so fast. We’re actually exchanging tips on preparing birthday presents :) heheheh…

It’s Azra’s birthday this time. What a headache it is that we have to prepare 2 birthdays within 2 months. That’s why it is wise to have only 2 kids… just 2 is enough :) we gave up on the idea of a 3rd child when we came back from Bali hehehehe…

So here we go again, visiting this shop at ITC Kuningan. Si Om yang punya udah ketawa aja, “Sekarang mau gambar apa Bu?” I got sick of the commercialised characters that are out there. So we got a simple burger shaped lunch box – which Azra proudly got to pick by himself.

Azra was overwhelmed by the shower of presents :). Don bought another bike – a bigger big boy’s bike for Azra. (So now we have 5 bikes parked in our front porch! Ranging from the baby four-wheeler, pink tricycle and 3 bicycles!) My parents and I got 2 boxes of Lego. My brother and his fiancé got a whole set of Avatar comic – Azra’s first collection of comic! We managed to get Ben10 figures – ceritanya dari Dena.

Azra & I had a quite birthday lunch together. Dena kindly took an early nap at home so Azra & I could spend some quality mother & son time. We went to Hypermart, we got our trolley loaded with his favourite snacks : Ultra milk, Oreo biscuits and Cupacup lollipop.

As I’m typing this up…. Our living room is filled up with 40 goodie bags with this favourite snacks inside, ready for the party at school this coming Tuesday…

Total spending for this boy’s party = approximately Rp 1.800.000 for 60 children (40 at school, 20 at the neighbourhood). Total for the birthday presents are a bit pricy… Rp 1.500.000.

This is excluding the birthday cake… It was Azra’s personal request – he picked one recipe from my old “Aussie Bake Yourself” Book. Which ofcourse I’ll have to bake myself at 4AM Tuesday morning…. We’re doing a test bake this Sunday, wish me luck :)

~ lig ~


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