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Remember that Gorgeous House I Wanted?

It’s always important that we refresh ourselves about our financial goals. That’s just what I got myself into the past few days.

I sat with Teja last week to discuss about my family financial plan. I know how to do one but Don & I always got into arguments over our finances. So I made Don hire Teja to do the job. It’s safer that way Smile

The plan looks good. The kids education fund and our pension fund are on the right track. Slight diversion from the market downturn the last quarter. But it should be fine.

The emergency fund is worrisome  Smile Don has agreed to double our monthly regular investment to ensure we reach our emergency fund. I’m very proud of that.

The property fund we prepared from bonuses is also on track. Don should start his first property investment soon.

Shopping account is available. Enough for another family holiday. I even have 2 funds for my little kiddies. Present from mum when they grow up Smile. Don believes that it is his responsibility to put money for the kids education fund. Thank God for that. But he also thinks that my salary should go into something useful. So there it goes.

Things do look very good. This is what happens when your plan has been going for more than 3 years. Everything is automated. Your money is working by itself. You focus on achieving your goals not on how much you’re spending. You can still spend lavishly, but you are at peace because you see the numbers are looking splendid.

The only thins that don’t look good are :

  • Our Pension Health Fund
  • Our dream house

We already started the funds but we don’t have anymore money to add the fund every month.

QM has developed a new method to calculate for our pension health fund. So Teja should give me the revision next week.

As for the dream house… from a house at Jl. Haji Oemar Said Tjokroaminoto (an impossible figure of Rp 15 billion! May be more? Kiss, we have revised it to a house in Pondok Indah (a still impossible figure of Rp 5 billion!).

The PLAN actually says : BELUM TERCAPAI.
I secretly gave up on the idea.

The kids education fund is far more important. Even if we have some extras, our Pension Health Fund and family holidays are still more important. Until I met this clubhouse at Losari Coffee Plantation.

This is what the library in the house looks like… geeky ya, maap deh heheheh…


I spent two days day dreaming, dragging my Don from one room to another. Telling him which room should be what room in the dream house. How lovely!

I found my newly refreshed spirit to achieve my dream house! It will mean cutting down on a bit of my spending Tongue out The brand new kitchen and the master bedroom renovation are just gonna have to wait.

I doubt that we can but it outright. Too expensive, let’s be reasonable.  I think we have to achieve the Down Payment first. Then we have to put up with a 10 – 15 years KPR – if Don will still be working at these banks. Then my renovation project can start (hellow ini yang ribet ya hahahah). Let’s see how much time we have. 10 years maybe?

I have to check with Teja on how much I should be investing for this Pondok Indah house. Begini lah kalau kebanyakan maunya Smile

Start Your Plan NOW!

Ligwina Hananto


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