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The Most Exciting Part of a FINANCIAL PLAN : Active Assets

You’ve probably heard this over and over again.


You’ve probably made a list of financial goals to work on.

  • Dana Darurat
  • Dana Liburan
  • Dana Pendidikan
  • Dana Pensiun
  • Dana Shopping
  • Dana Beli Rumah

Now here’s what I want you to do : Refresh Your Goals!

Our family financial plan has been around for some times now. We have gone through a bit of market upturn and downturn. I am not going to show you how much we have gained in aggregate. But I can assure you that when we started with Rp 119.200 in our bank account, the numbers today look very exciting.

What we have done with the plan is comparing the goals to the targets. It’s a lot of fun.

You have this rush of wanting to add more into your investment pods. You thank yourself for taking the time to quit doing all the stupid things you did with your money. You realize that having a financial plan is not just about buying Reksadana. It’s about changing the way your work with money.

I don’t consider ourselves as rich. And no, we don’t live excessively. We do spend a lot on family holidays. But I’ve checked with our monthly numbers, we’re pretty good at ‘saving’, about 40% from our income. It actually means that when we make more money, our lifestyle doesn’t increase tremendously. That’s a really good thing to go with. The great thing now is, with this plan at work, we do have the right amount of money for the right goals. That is more than enough for me.

So now we move on to the next level. Remember the 5 stages to financial freedom?  (Want to read more about the 5 STAGES? Click here to buy the book!)

Our financial plan is now working hard to achieve all the financial goals for our family. This is done through monthly subscription of Reksadana. We don’t have any time deposit. Money sitting in our savings accounts is to be spent in the next 12 – 24 months. The rest is growing in Reksadana.

Gak takut?

Gak karena sudah diukur resikonya semua. Mulai dari Reksadana Pasar Uang sampai Reksadana Saham. Kalau ada yang nilainya turun berantakan, biarin aja karena pasti itu yang akan dipakai untuk jangka panjang di atas 10 tahun lagi.

The next level is to have Active Assets : Business, Property & Paper. This is where I want you start refreshing your financial goals. Masak investasi isinya cuma Reksadana? Jangan dong. Reksadana itu untuk pemula. Hanya digunakan untuk mencapai tujuan-tujuan finansial saja. Hanya digunakan untuk menggantikan tabungan – karena tabungan TIDAK DAPAT mengejar inflasi. Artinya begitu tujuan kita tercapai, uang yang ada dalam Reksadana akan kita pakai… habis dong… gak punya apa-apa lagi?

Active Assets are the exciting part.

One business is growing rapidly.
The second business is just getting started.
The third one is finally operational – hopefully it will start making money soon.

We just bought our first property. We decided on a serviced apartment with rental guarantee. It’s not a very sexy investment – I’d rather go into hyper active discretionary funds… but Teja thinks our financial plan is TOO liquid. This serviced apartment is just the right amount with what we have standing by in our bank account. So this is how we’re paying for it :

  • 66% Down Payment – using Don’s bonus
  • 34% cash installment for 1 year – using 30% of my monthly salary

The good news is, we don’t have to pay for extra interest. We can immediately enjoy the benefit from rental guarantee feature. The bad news is, my monthly salary goes somewhere useful :) heuheuheu.. bye bye lovely shoes…

We’ve just refreshed our financial goals. We don’t just want to continue investing money in Reksadana. We want more Active Assets.

Our new focus is : at least 1 more Active Assets per year!
Now that is exciting.
Here I am sitting happily in this gorgeous little corner of Bakoel Koffie Cikini. I’m actually waiting for Don who is in a meeting somewhere in his Cikini office.


Pernah ke sini gak? Ruko nya masih bentuk jadul. Jendelanya kotak-kotak art deco gaya rumah Indung di Jl. Sultan Agung Bandung. Pintunya aja sexy banget, rasanya mau gue bawa pulang hahahaha…

Kursinya kursi jaman dulu. Mejanya… tau meja jaman dulu gak? Yang table top nya marmer. Ugh… This is all I need. A lovely place where your mind can wonder off…  I have so much business ideas in my head right now.

Finance Should be Practical!

Ligwina Hananto


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